"Ignorance breeds...Republicans breed...ergo" | Buzz Blog
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"Ignorance breeds...Republicans breed...ergo"



I thought the idiocy of Lou Dobbs was confined to a fairly small group of racists and morons.---

The latest Dan Jones poll in Utah shows that a full 1/3 of those polled can be included in that group who belong on the short buss filled with "birthers".%uFFFD These simpletons think that President Obama isn't a true American citizen therefore ineligible to be President.

To these fools no matter what evidence they are shown that Barack Obama was born on August 4 1961 in Hawaii, they won't believe it.%uFFFD I know that Utah is the reddest of states but the numbers gathered by this poll should make Utah the Reddest faced state in the country.%uFFFD

There is no hope for many of these people because they still think Bush was right on everything, "Mission Accomplished", Saddam had WMD's and Dick Cheney was not Darth Vader.%uFFFD I shouldn't criticize after all you sent Jason Chaffetz to Congress without checking if he had a "recomend"!