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Add "Punk" to the List



Someone sent me an email yesterday that read “are you really going to let Brett off the hook on this?” ---

Short answer: Hell no.

Long answer: As I have said 3,458 times, Brett Favre is the most over rated, marginally talented, LYING, drama queen in the history of the NFL. Now we can add the word “punk” to his resume.

Before you watch him deliver the ultimate cheap shot on unsuspecting safety Eugene Wilson of the Texans, remember a few things.

• Brett had offered up his “I think I have cracked ribs” diagnosis to a sideline reporter just before the game. Why? As a built in excuse for him putting up another horrible performance.

• Everyone knows this hit is illegal, it’s a well known rule that’s taken seriously in the NFL because it’s so easy to cause a serious injury.

• What the hell are the Vikings thinking? You just paid this clunker $12 million dollars and you call a play like that? Beyond stupid.

Brenda did not play a bad game, but he didn’t play well either. He certainly lied (again) about the rib injury. What a ginormous douchebag. Clearly this bitch isn’t going to go away until someone cheap shots him and ends his career. Waiting… waiting… waiting…

More importantly, I am waiting for NFL commish Roger Goodell to fine Brenda the poster boy, some big time money. The same fine that any other player would get for throwing that cheap shot. Waiting… waiting… waiting…