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TV Tonight: Lock N' Load


A reality show about a gun shop? Why has no one done this before? Leave it to Showtime--they've brought us daily-grind reality series about porn producers and politicians, so it makes sense that they've made Lock N' Load, premiering tonight on the premium-cable net. ---

Showtime's pitch: "In America, people from all walks of life decide to buy guns: for home protection, for sport, for their growing collections the reasons are as diverse as the customers who are profiled in the new series Lock N' Load. The six-part, half-hour reality series offers viewers a fly-on-the-wall look at The Shootist gun store in Englewood, Colorado, where expert gunslinger Josh T. Ryan is always ready to close a sale as customers, both male and female and of all ages, steadily stream in. The series offers viewers a politically neutral peek into this family-owned gun store's daily interactions between Ryan, the inherently charming and knowledgeable salesman, and the store's most fascinating customers. The hidden camera, revealed after the transaction is completed, insures a particularly candid and revealing take on why we buy them."

Lock N' Load ain't Bowling For Columbine--don't expect any deep political discussions about gun control. And, even though Ryan is an entertaining mofo, most of his customers aren't interesting enough make the background reel on My Name Is Earl. The best result of this series will be making liberal pansies squirm--and I'm always up for that.