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"I told you so"



Utah is a dry state.--

The DABC has been saying for months that the quota system of liquor license's was archaic and out of touch with reality.  They were going to run out very soon and the system hinders economic development.  Well it is happening right now as we learned that 3 fully qualified establishments that have met all local governmental requirements and invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in renovations were denied licenses because..........wait for it.........THERE WEREN'T ANY!!!

The licenses had all dried up and these people who applied can't do anything until someone else with a license goes out of business or we have a mini explosion of babies to up the population enough to qualify for more license's.  This system never made sense and the idiots on Capitol hill like Mike Waddoups refuses to even allow a discussion of the issue.  Our new Gov-in-training, Gary Herbert doesn't want to hear about it either because he has to run for the real Governors office next year and won't have anything to do with booze until that election. 

These people run this state and you wonder why we become a laughing stock when with some simple common sense and action all this could be avoided.  Now that the word is out that the state is out of liquor licenses, how many national chains of restaurants and hotels will want to locate here?  If you think it is bad now, wait until the City Creek Center tries to lure upscale eateries and the like to locate downtown.  OOHHHHH......I feel a revelelation coming on!