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Update from Kanab



I was so agreeably full of turkey and ambrosia salad that I neglected to post a Friday Letters Round-up last week. 

But had I managed to rouse myself from that postprandial torpor, I'm sure this Trib letter, from Charley Bishop of Kanab, would have been at the top of the list. ---

It's well worth reading. In a nutshell, Bishop says that gays, like space aliens, mate with unsuspecting heterosexual Earthlings in order to reproduce. He proposes not only legalizing same-sex marriage but making it mandatory for gays -- thus ridding the planet of homosexuals within a few generations.

Bishop's letter is obviously satire -- but I did have to read it twice. Sometimes you just never know -- after all, Kanab did officially adopt that "full quiver" resolution, and it's been the epicenter of more than one nutquake over the past few years.

I'm glad to see that not everybody down there has lost their sense of humor! I'm just curious how Bishop's friends and family responded to this ...