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Utahns Support Statewide Antidiscrimination Laws



Encouraging results from a recent Dan Jones poll show 69 percent of Utahns support statewide laws protecting LGBT folks against job and housing discrimination.

While that figure is a little higher than I expected -- I was thinking around 62 percent -- what is really surprising is that a mere 28 percent opposed anti-discrimination laws. ---

Of course, it could all be a plot to lull LGBT activists into a false sense of complacency -- even though 2010 looks like it may be the best opportunity gays and lesbians have ever had to secure some basic civil protections in the Legislature, it's far from a fait accomplis. That 28 percent includes some weirdly tenacious individuals -- and some of them seem to make their lives' work out of creating as many difficulties as possible for gays. There's bound to be a lot of ugliness on the hill next January. 

Which means now, more than ever, is the time to push for meaningful anti-discrimination laws. We know the Legislature is not about to do us any favors. They'll be trying to backstab us (for instance, with a bill that would forbid municipalities from adopting any anti-discrimination ordinances beyond the dictates of state law). 

We need to make the most of the situation, and that means keeping on our toes.