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Jay Leno Canceled! Or Not



Today's rumors go like this: NBC will cancel The Jay Leno Show after the Winter Olympics. NBC will move Jay back to 10:30 and boot Conan O'Brien. NBC will move Jay back to 10:30, give him a half-hour that leads into Conan. NBC will drag Jay, Conan, Jimmy Fallon and Carson Daly (yeah, he's still on) to the parking lot and have them cock-fight it out. Etc.  ---

Any of these scenarios would make NBC affiliates (like our own KSL 5) beyond happy, because Leno has been a shit lead-in for months, pulling down ratings to the level of a 60-minute EmeryCat infomercial (actually, most of KSL's viewers would watch that for an hour). Too bad Conan will get screwed whichever way it goes--NBC turned him into a pale(er) version of himself in his move to The Tonight Show, and Jimmy Fallon ... well, Late Night is probably his for keeps now. Are you going to mess with The Roots?

NBC is denying all of this, so at least some of it must be true. More news expected over the weekend from wherever the real TV critics are meeting ...


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