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Six Locals: Incentives for All


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Six Locals' mission is to survey a random-sampling of downtown's inhabitants on a pertinent topic. Extract what you will from this petri dish.

City Weekly's News story "Incentives for All" (Jan.7) examined how state government provides aid, in the form of corporate tax incentives, to large corporations but offers little for small businesses in the Salt Lake area. We at CW wanted to know what the pulse on the street was regarding support for the little guy.---

Why is it important to support local, small businesses as a consumer, as well as at the governmental level?


"Everything new starts from a small business. Google was once a small business that probably needed some help." - Roberto


"I want the local community to thrive. Plus, local dollars stay local. Big corporations that get these tax breaks only stick around if it's profitable; when it's not, they leave. Local businesses generally support local products, whether its agricultural or whatever." - Teresa


"I think that local businesses strive towards a better product. They have the freedom to be creative. Whereas corporations don't necessarily have that freedom." - Mark


"If we just support corporations we get the feel of singularity. I like the feel of a small-business owner making it. When I walk into the shop, I know I'm walking into a unique atmosphere." - Rudy


"It seems like a no-brainer. There are a lot of things the government could do to make the environment better. I am a business owner myself. These conservatives are just saying, 'Pull yourself up by the bootstraps.' How is that helpful? I am about to do my taxes and I want to shoot myself." - Bryan


"When a corporation decides to move out, it is incredibly lousy for so many people. They are only profit-driven. Small businesses add a richness to the environment. When the government [incentivizes] here, it keeps the community strong, and the money stays here." - Elias




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