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This Just In: NBC Did Something Right



After a long week-and-change of "NBC Sucks!" chatter, oh, everywhere, it's nice to report that the multiply-violated Peacock has actually done something right today--and no, it doesn't involve Jay Leno and a woodchipper. ---

Now that NBC is going to have five extra hours a week to fill after The Jay Leno Show comes to a merciful end next month, they've ordered up more episodes of some of their best scripted comedies and drama--including Trauma, which has been canceled like six times now.

This means 25 total episodes of Community (up from 22), 24 of Parks & Recreation (also up from 22), 25 of The Office (ditto, 22), 23 of Law & Order (up from 20), 24 of Law & Order: SVU (up from 22) and 20 of Trauma (up from 16, and death).

Maybe the underrated Community (which, along with Parks & Rec, has been handing The Office its comedic ass every Thursday) will finally be able to pick some viewers with those three extra episodes. And tell me I'm not alone in thinking that Annie (Mad Men's Alison Brie) is waaay hotter than Britta (Gillian Jacobs) ...