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Salt Lake City Without Parades?



Six Locals' mission is to survey a random-sampling of downtown's inhabitants on a pertinent topic. Extract what you will from this petri dish.

City Weekly's News story "Float On" (Feb. 4) informed how the Hibernian Society of Utah, amidst a dwindling budget, is trying to save the St. Patrick's Day parade with a fundraiser. We at CW wanted to know what the pulse on the street was regarding art organizations and free expression festivals.---

What's the impact to the community when artistic organizations and free expression events are threatened to, or do, disappear?


"It's how, as a society, we express our values. When they begin to disappear, we lose part of our identity." - Luis


"I guess that festivals and art events are the last remaining spaces for us to be free. It's open to the public and the community really comes together." - Renae


"The arts are already prominent in the city. When they start to lose money, it gives you less faith." - Scott 


"It takes away unity between people. I don't want a world without it." - Heather


"It would have a major effect. For one, there would be a lack of creativity. And, there'd be less consciousness towards the environment. Arts open up the brain." - Camile


"Life would be less enjoyable. It's inspiration." - Mykael


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