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Waddoups Statement, Take Two



Senate President Waddoups late-night statement directed more to gay-rights activists.

Wednesday night, Senate President Mike Waddoups, R-Taylorsville, issued a statement attempting to clarify that he was not censoring anyone by supporting a moratorium on gay-rights/anti-gay-rights bills this session.

In a midnight blog, I interpreted the statement as being directed at his "troops," the conservative lawmakers in the Republican caucus and right-wing activists. But as I made clear in the blog, I also was really only guessing at the intent, and since it was midnight, there wasn't really anyone I could have called. (In fairness, Senate Republican spokesman Ric Cantrell was still on Twitter at the time, so I could/should have checked with him).

This morning, I was pointed to a blog by a helpful reader which is apparently what prompted the statement. Eric Ethington, a gay-rights activist, slams Waddoups for "threatening" the gay community with retribution if they do anything offensive. Waddoups statement was an attempt to clarify that he was not making threats. Instead, he supported the moratorium because it would prompt "civil conversations" during the much calmer interim session, which would "humanize people and lead to better results."

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