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In The Loop: 2/13/10. Flipping Off The PDA Pirates



Catching up on things today, there's a made up holiday around the corner that no one gets paid double for working on. While I don't care too much about it, the artwork around the city is nice.

--- Speaking of stuff revolving around the lovey dovey, while this Friday mainly plays host to Gallery Stroll, another event will be taking place across the city. The PDA Show! Ken Sanders, NoBrow, Kayo Gallery, Alchemy and The Utah Pride Center will all play host to the event, which is an artistic response to the gay couple detained on LDS property last year. Several works will be on display, and kissing booths will be held at every location which will include derby girls and even Sister Dottie S. Dixon! The event will go for four weeks, but the first knight kicks off on Friday.


Turning briefly to music, the CWMA's continued last night up and down State Street. I myself was at the Circle Lounge watching the skills of Linus Stubbs, MindState and Nolens Volens. The first time we've held an event like this at Circle, the crowd was more than welcoming, joining in and celebrating the mix of the in-house DJ along with all three acts. ...Well, until the end, when Nolens flipped off the crowd. But we'll discuss that more in-depth on Monday. For now, blurry crowd picture! And don't forget to head out tonight to catch the last of the showcases that you can vote on at Burt's Tiki Lounge and Bar Deluxe.
Briefly looking at local comics, check it out, Pirate Club is back. With baseball bats! Derek Hunter just put out the latest edition to the series this week as the kids wreak havoc on a number of clubs, and even come across another pirate club. I'm not doing spoilers, so head over and check out the latest issue.

As for the blog, coming up the next few weeks we'll chat up another anniversary, have a CWMA show with interviews, hit up Gallery Stroll, talk podcasting, check out local boarding and a print artist. And enjoy the gift giving tomorrow men, I'm sure it'll all come back around on March 14th, but we'll discuss that another time. ...Or maybe not, we'll see what happens.

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