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No One Is Safe Until We're All Safe



Debra Daniels will give the Keynote Address for Sexual Assault Awareness Month tonight---

Before becoming the Director of the Women's Resource Center, Debra Daniels worked with male adolescent sex offenders, after which she moved to work at the Rape Recovery Center. Quite the transition. Daniels says her first thought when she began working with the offenders was "What am I doing here?" But those initial feelings soon changed; "It became so clear how working with the boys could help women understand how it was not their fault," Daniels says. 

Daniels used her experience with the young men to aid women who have been raped. And by working with men early on, it helped her realize that perhaps part of the problem is not enough young men are involved in sexual assault awareness and prevention. Daniels says young men are beginning to step up; she's working with a group of young men on Saturdays to educate them about helping to reduce violence about women. And she says some University of Utah fraternity presidents are stepping up to receive training to prevent rape.

Daniels is clearly supportive of a strong network within the University of Utah and the Salt Lake community as a whole to prevent violence against women. Her experience and background on both sides of this issue are extensive, so her address is sure to be informative for anyone who wants to get involved in preventing sexual assault.

Check out the 5 Spot from March 24 for more information about Debra Daniels.

No One Is Safe Until We're All Safe @ Westminster College Jewett Auditorium, 1840 S. 1300 East, Salt Lake City, April 1, 7:30 p.m.


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