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Corporations Ain't People



In January 2010 the Supreme Court made a decision recognizing a new race of super people—Corporate Persons.---

These behemoths have walked among us for a while now buying elections, covering up environmental catastrophes and nearly destroying the national economy through toxic investments—but now they’re officially separate but equal, with the court's ruling allowing them to now give unlimited donations in elections.

%uFFFDFor some the only%uFFFDsolution to vanquish these beasts%uFFFDis an amendment to the Constitution that would undo the ruling.%uFFFD Come this Sunday to hear speakers like David Cobb the former 2004 Green Party presidential candidate and Ashley Sanders, field coordinator of Democracy Unlimited and more discuss how to make a grassroots push to undo the Supreme Court’s monster, that is, the corporate person.

Check it out Sunday, April 25 from 7-9 p.m. at the First Unitarian Church of Salt Lake City, 569 S. 1300 East. 801-582-7783

Note: This blog has been corrected in regards previous decisions on corporate personhood