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TLC Pulls Little Chocolatiers From Schedule



Utah's reality-show spotlight just dimmed: TLC has pulled The Little Chocolatiers (starring Steve and Katie of Salt Lake City's Hatch Family Chocolates) from its Tuesday-night lineup with no indication of rescheduling.---

The Little Chocolatiers, one of The Little Channel's numerous small-people reality shows, was nearing the end of its first-season run, anyway--why yank it now and replace it with reruns of 19 Kids and Counting? And seriously, who's actually counting?

From The Little Chocolatiers' Facebook fan page:

"Not good news....Little Chocolatiers which was supposed to show tonight has been put on hold. The Little Chocolatiers is no longer on TLC's schedule....Feel free to message them at:"

An email response to City Weekly from TLC Publicity says that The Little Chocolatiers isn't canceled, just "off the schedule" for now--it is May Sweeps, after all; this kind of show shuffling happens. But, messaging TLC's Viewer Relations certainly can't hurt.