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Premiere: Lindsay Heath - "Painted Queens"



Do you know how often it is we see a local artist produce a music video? --- And I don't mean slapping a track to unlicensed clips or a video of their live show at Bar Deluxe from three months ago on YouTube. A production for a release put to film and edited up for the soul purpose of being showcased on a national level. MTV2/VH1 quality, for when they're actually playing videos. I can count on one hand how many of that caliber have come out of Utah in the past five years. But early this morning came the release of Lindsay Heath's "Painted Queens", the first official track of her upcoming full-length. Pitched and posted to with hopes of gaining votes to join the Lilith Fair (which buzzes through SLC on July 12th) as a performing act. If you'd like to help Lindsay and her group on their efforts, click here and check out the instructions.

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