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Whoa, Easy on the Catnip, Dude!



I giggle hysterically every time I see the "Adventureland" spot for Purina Friskies cat food. ---

If Enya recorded an album for cats, this is what the video would look like.

Honestly, the ad is brilliant: As an animal lover, I would love to provide this kind of adventure-in-a-can for my cat Kumo. Since we moved into the city, she doesn't go outdoors anymore. And, even though she hasn't complained, I wonder if she gets bored just hanging around the house all day.

The implication that the product may contain cute fuzzy yellow baby chicks is a little disturbing, of course, but I'm sure that's nothing more than a design element. But, if I really believed that the product could deliver on the commercial's promise in a literal sense, I'd be feeding Kumo three cans a day. Hell, I might even experiment with it myself.

Just one spoonful. Three or four at the most. I can quit anytime I like.