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Citizens Empowered: The Evolution of the Citizens' Candidate



Losing a primary race to Rep. Jim Matheson has not slowed down Claudia Wright and her supporters.---

Wednesday, Wright and company formed the Citizens Empowered! group, which seeks to harness the energy that was generated by Wright's candidacy and the Citizens' Candidate committee that chose her. So far, the group has launced a Facebook page and a Google group. Both are brand-spanking-new. I was only the 10th person to "Like" the CE Facebook page and 5th member of the CE Google group.*

So far, the group doesn't have any specific issues they are focused on. Instead, their mission statement includes this description:

Following the primary, the individuals involved in the campaign expressed an interest in continuing to work for selected causes and on specific issues. We have created this page to allow people who are interested in working with us to keep in touch and help make a difference.

In the Five Spot interview published this week, Wright talked briefly about her next plans. Among those were forming a group to focus on issues instead of offices. Those issues will likely include immigration and redistricting.

*For anyone questioning my objectivity because I joined these groups, realize that I join every local political group I find, friend most politicians, and so forth. I join these for information, not to participate.


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