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In The Loop: 7/17/10. Its 1AM Frosty Darling


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Hello all you overcrowding free-concert going enthusiasts. Far be it from me to tell the city what to do, but why fence off the park when you could just shut down the streets? Being totally serious for a moment, why not shut down the roads next to Pioneer Park, turn all the 4-way lights into turning lanes only and allow extra room to the people and vendors. I'm sure local businesses and patrons would love you to death for it, and I'm bet road barricades are cheaper and easier to maintain than fences. But hey, I don't run the city, if you want to keep the headache, go for it. Before we dive into other stuff, let's take a glimpse of the recent addition to the 337 Memorial Wall.

--- Last time we talked about the Kayo fundraising show (which you can see some pictures of along with highlights of Stroll on Broadway over here), but now its Frosty Darling's turn at the events as they host a Cupcake Social. Really, their 4th for that matter. In what's become a major event for the local shop, an all ages showcase of food and art to be held in two weeks. Definitely worth checking out this month.


Moving onto web related material, those of you looking for a creative outlet that includes anonymity, you're in luck. The long awaited return of has finally manifested itself. The website in itself was mainly a written photography page, in the sense of Post Secret, where people could write down their thoughts in a notebook and send them off for people to see. If you'll recall (and would like to know more) I talked to creator Jake Trimble back in 2008, and the website eventually won a “Best Of” award in 2009. But the website went on hiatus when the turnout for content dwindled. But numerous people called for its return and so it has. Now the site is designed to be an open project for people to submit themselves, either in written form or by sending a picture. The site is continually rotating its content for more people to submit, so please, jump on over and contribute something to this localized project.

Let's see, here, Day's Of 47... we'll skip that, mainly because I can't think of a single non-LDS owned employer who pays overtime for that imposed holiday. And the parade... not that fun. ComicCon, not happening here, so fuck it. ...Not a lot happening as we wind down this month. Oh, we have a bar tour on Wednesday. Basically you get on a bus with our staff and get drunk at several bars. I'd talk about it more, but really, just click one of the flashy banners on the sides, they'll do a better job. Hey, look, its the good Transformers!

As for the blog coming up this week we'll take a trip down Gallery Stroll (which will explain the image above), hit up another concert, talk to some comedians, venture into some technological stuff and talk about a clothing line. Maybe. I dunno, its still been that kind of year. As always, we'll see what happens.

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