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In The Loop: 8/14/10. Stop Doing The Damn Thriller!



Hello all you ten-year-reunion harassing enthusiasts. Sorry, I've been getting messages all week long from people reminding me that my high school reunion is happening in two weeks. To which I have to ask, would any of you pay $40 to waste your Friday night at a Kearns golf course (with no alcohol mind you) to listen to hundreds of people drone on about their lives and pretend to give a crap about yours in return? There's already a place for this... and its called Facebook. Let's get away from that redundant hellhole and look at something better. The latest addition to the 337 Memorial Wall.

--- Speaking of things to bitch about, I'd like to address all the dance companies and their dancers in the state. ...Look, I'm not going to criticize the work you do, I can't do any of the moves some of you do on a nightly basis, nor would I try. But great talent is no excuse for poor judgment. And as we approach October I believe a trend needs to be stopped. And that trend is: performing Michael Jackson's “Thriller” routine. I understand why its done, its recognizable, its endearing to anyone who loved the 80's or Jackson, there's over 100 instructional videos out there teaching you how to do it, and in the end its a go-to dance. And that's exactly the reason it needs to stop because you ALL FUCKING DO IT! Its been done to death, pun intended. Its so by-the-numbers and easy to perform, I've seen it done at the end of a production of Arsenic & Old Lace by a group pretending to be the dead bodies in the cellar. That song isn't just my bathroom break at shows, its a chance to catch up on phone messages, get a drink, and maybe get a bite to eat since everyone drags it out for the full twelve minutes. And because the overuse of it is so rampant and annoying locally, I'm not giving coverage or interviews to any dance company who does it this year. Seriously, you have the talent to do wondrous routines and performances, why waste it on this?

Moving on, let's talk events. UtahFM has been plugging away for over two years now as a second source for community radio, and coming up they're going to hold their first big concert event for the public. “Radio Not Included” will be the internet station's first benefit concert over at Bar Deluxe next Saturday. Performances from The Black Arrows, Cavedoll, Muscle Hawk, Fictionist and more. Not to mention tasty food from (as of this posting, not reflected on the poster below) six different diners and restaurants. These guys have done a hell of a job picking up the slack on the local end where others have bailed, and have provided a decent alternative and some kind of competition to KRCL in variety. Much like I do during Radiothon, I highly urge you to head to this show and show these guys some love. And now you can pick up tickets at Slowtrain.


Moving into roller derby action, next Saturday also sees the five year anniversary of the Salt City Derby Girls league. And they want you to celebrate with them! You can join some of the toughest women we got in town over at the South Shore, along with emcee and announcer extraordinaire Bill Frost, for en evening of drinking and dancing. Along with a performance from the Voodoo Darlings and a few other surprises. Throw on some black and yellow and enjoy the party!

Moving onto film, if you enjoy Craft Lake City today (which you can now check out photos from the event over here) you might enjoy this little film. "Handmade Nation" is a documentary showcasing the DIY attitude, specifically on the new found love in crafting products. As part of the Salt Lake City Film Festival happening right now, you can check out the screening tomorrow afternoon at 4:30 at the Tower Theater for just $5. And if you get the chance, check out the full list of films from the festival itself and catch something this weekend as its still going on.

Speaking of film festivals, Salt Lake Acting Company will play host to the Fearless Fringe Festival. Not necessary a big festival, but a little something different in a more open and intimate environment, for those looking for a film beyond the summer blockbuster trend that usually hits its peak in late August. Just three films over three days

Seems like there's a little something for everyone in that mix. As for the blog over the next couple weeks we'll chat with a clubbing photographer, talk graphic novels as well as a brand new comic book, hit up Gallery Stroll, check out an extreme sports shop and preview one of the first in horror-like festivals to start the impending fall schedule. At least I hope to do that, who knows, I'm actually on vacation from the day job so I also plan on catching up on sleep. As always, we'll see what happens.

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