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John Doe: Punk legend, TV star?



Anyone who knows me knows I never get enough of John Doe, whether we're talking his solo material or that of his pioneering punk band, X.---

Hell, I even make a mental note when I see Doe pop up in a movie or TV show doing one of his semi-regular acting gigs. Doe as the weaselly bartender in Roadhouse? Own it. Doe as Jerry Lee Lewis' band leader in Great Balls of Fire? Own it. Doe as a wayfaring, soul-searching biker alongside the Beasties' King Ad-Rock in Roadside Prophets? Permanent saved on my TiVo. 

So you can imagine my joy in hearing that Doe has been tapped to host a new TV show currently being pitched around to the TV Powers That Be. The show is called John Doe: American Music, and it's a travelogue of sorts, with Doe visiting various parts of the country to explore its regional sounds. Each episode will focus on a different town, ranging from Detroit and its techno scene to the Tex-Mex tunes of the borderlands.

“The American Music show is going to fill a gap between what music was and what it’s going to be,” says Doe in a press release. “At one time, people went to the record store, but now, bands are coming out of all these different media sources and there’s no one place for everyone to connect to it. This show seeks to be that place.”

Color me interested. Hell, coler me a roadie for the show if it gets picked up. I carried Doe's guitar case for him at a Sundance gig a few years ago, so I must be qualified to fetch him coffee if he lets me hit the road with him.

You can catch a trailer of the show right here, but you'll have to stay tuned to find out if/when the show gets picked up for syndication.