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Guerilla tango



This Saturday morning at 10 a.m. you can catch a 'flash mob' style burst of Argentine tango at 10 a.m. by the Argie bakery Pampas in Sugarhouse on 2156 South Highland Drive.---

Brian Salisbury coordinates these gifts of what he calls "guerilla tango" and in the past has abruptly orchestrated a burst of late night tango by practised and not so proficient dancers at Exchange Place by the Boston Building in downtown Salt Lake one midnight, or at the fountain on the southest corner of Library Square and the gazebo on Liberty Park.

Utah has its own tango community organisation called Wasatch Tango, which provides info on classes and milongas, the Argentine name for when devotees get together to dance.  I spent a few evenings four years ago taking classes and talking to both teachers and students. The resulting cover story, Tango-A-Go-Go remains one of my favorites.

Saturday morning's offering provides with you opportunities to not only watch tango being danced and listened to some music, but also take an informal quick class and then pick up with of Pampas delicious bread and Argentine pies known as empanadas.



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