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Brick and Tiger-a-Thon



Brick (Humberto Estrada) and Tiger (Matthew Taggard) are comic-book nerds. And they make movies. The combination is plenty of fun. ---

On their One Shot Presents website, Brick and Tiger review the latest comics, whenever they're not dealing with puppet homicides or their fellow nerds at WonderCon. But they also make lively short films, and you can check out three of them tonight at the Main Library, including their latest world premiere.

At 6:30, Brick and Tiger vs. Dracula finds our heroes battling ... well, you get the picture. At 7:10, find out how they save Santa Claus in Brick and Tiger vs. The Confederate Army. And for the grand finale, watch Brick and Tiger vs. Romance at 7:45. Then join the creators for a reception at the Main Library's Night Flight Comics store at 8:30. Your inner nerd will thank you.