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Dnews discovers the Internet


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Apparently, the brain trust over at the Dnews discovered the key to fiscal success is some magical thing called the Internet.---

This excerpt from a story on the bold, new, Dnews site doesn’t bode well for the paper’s bold newness.

The story after regurgitating much of the Dnews recent press releases about their decision to lead the industry into the future, carry values into the newspaper business and *cough* lay off 43 percent of it staff *cough* in the process, and put together an editorial advisory board, concludes with some insights about how the paper is really going to become savvy with new technology--the new technology in question being the Internet.

Quoth Chris Lee, general manager of deseretnews.com:

He said one way the Deseret News will position itself in the industry is to recognize that the Internet is fundamentally different than a print newspaper. "We intend to take full advantage of those differences," he said.

Wait it gets better…

The main difference, he continued, is that the Internet creates a two-way communication path that is different than the traditional communication path of a newspaper. "We believe that allows us the opportunity to create an exchange of ideas, an exchange of thought,"


The Internet also positions the Deseret News for the future. "The pace of change, because of the use of the Internet, is so much faster," Lee said. "It forces us to innovate all the time."

Sadly, that position seems to be 2002. Equally sad that the paper couldn’t just realize there was this new fangled super-information highway back before they decided to gut their establishment of almost half of their content producing reporters.