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Arcade Fire's revolutionary new tech-savvy music video



"The Wilderness Downtown" takes a trip down your memory lane.--- A collaboration between Arcade Fire, avant-gard filmmaker Chris Milk and Google's "Chrome Experience" with HTML5 technology, it takes music videos to a new level. The interactive film has multiple browsers dancing around the screen, which piece together a faceless jogger, a paved street, a flock of black birds and zooming Google Earth frames of your childhood home. It's nostalgic, on top of awe-inspiring.

The video takes its name from a lyric from the staccato-driven, minor key-ed and anxious "We Used to Wait" off of 2010's The Suburbs:< "so when the lights cut out, I was lost, standing in the wilderness downtown.” It laments the time when society wasn't so insistent on immediate gratification. And, along with another lyric, "I never wrote a letter, I never took my true heart, I never wrote it down," viewers can write a letter—typed or drawn—to the child that lived at that address.

Check out the video here, and listen to the song below.