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TV Tonight: Survivors & Outlaws


The Fall 2010 TV Season has begun—what, you didn’t notice? It has been a quiet rollout so far, most notably for the biggest (at least once upon a time) of all reality shows, Survivor, and Jimmy Smits' new Outlaw.---

What’s new tonight:
Survivor: Nicaragua
(CBS) Season 21 (!) Premiere: It’s young folks vs. old folks—since none of ‘em are from Utah, we don’t give a shit.

Big Brother (CBS) Season Finale: Speaking of not giving a shit …

Outlaw (NBC) Series Debut: Supreme Court Justice Cyrus Garza (Smits) is a carefree playboy who, after years of legal frustration, abruptly quits the bench and announces that he’s going into private practice to protect—wait for it—The Little Guy (you can almost smell the earnestness and power ballads from here). So what if CBS and James Woods sorta did this four years ago with Shark? Outlaw is a Conan O’Brien production (Strike 1) that will move to Friday nights (Strike 2) and follow two hours of reality-show filler (and yer out). Any comparisons are just unfair to Shark.

America’s Next Top Model, Hellcats (The CW) Tyra’s tired, but Hellcats just might redeem itself if they finally just decide to go full Showgirls (see video below).

Dark Blue (TNT) Season Finale: They added Trisha Helfer (Battlestar Galactica) to the cop cast this season. Unfortunately, they didn’t subtract Dylan McDermott.

Terriers (FX) The new Donal Logue drama about SoCal low-rent private dicks gets even better in the second week—and they’re still hilariously skirting over the show’s title.

Also new tonight:
America’s Got Talent (NBC) Season Finale, finally!
(Fox) Season Finale
Top Chef (Bravo) Season Finale
The Real World (MTV) Season Finale

Do these look like strippers to you?