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Barbie Is a News Anchor!


According to Mattel's website: "Barbie I Can Be...™ dolls and accessories empower girls to play out different roles and 'try on' fabulous careers, including news anchor, the first Barbie profession chosen by global vote.--- Wearing a posh pink suit with black accents and carrying a B News folder, camera and microphone, this savvy journalist reports up-to-the-minute news in signature Barbie style."

What is a career, anyway, other than a kind of fashion choice? When you're blond and pretty, changing jobs is like changing outfits -- a valuable lesson to prepare girls aged 3 and up for the labor market of tomorrow.

A "B News folder" is where a savvy journalist keeps her B News, of course. The fact that TV news anchor is "the first Barbie profession chosen by global vote" should be of great interest to anyone planning a career in the Barbie professions.

Comes with microphone and camera. Cannot stand alone. Choking hazard. $12.99.

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