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Open Container: Six Pack on the Dashboard



Above the Fold Ale: I'd like to take this opportunity to welcome the Deseret Virtual News' new film critic to town: the Catholic News Service.---

In their ongoing efforts to filter everything they publish through God's Sieve, the DVN has partnered with CNS to provide film reviews that focus on more than piddly little assessments like artistic accomplishments, screenwriting or acting. Nay, gentle soul, the focus of these reviews, according to their website, "is the extent to which it affirms, challenges or rejects Judeo-Christian values."

Now, once it passes through God's Sieve, a film is then reviewed for other attributes. But the resulting review is like a hyper-Christian version of a Thomas Keller stock, with only the purest liquid recommended for consumption.

Part of what makes CNS attractive, according to the amazingly long DVN article explaining the partnership, is that they have a unique rating system that goes far beyond standard PG, et al. For instance, "O" means offensive and seems to often be given to a movie that dares question whether the Great Superhero in the Sky actually exists. There's also movies knocked because they dare show "family discord" or "barnyard humor" (the latter 1950s-era phrase is a caution attached to the new Nanny McPhee).

The DVN article also highlights how the service has completely screwed up, err... gone against the tide on certain movies, such as "Million Dollar Baby." That one received the dreaded "O" rating because it included a scene of euthanasia, which Catholics oppose.

To be fair, the CNS will not be the only source of movie reviews. If today's reviews are an indication, the paper will lean heavily on wire stories from newspapers that actually still employ a film critic. In fact, the only semi-in-house review I could see was from the lead singer of The Black Crowes, who apparently joined Deseret Connect during their recent visit to Salt Lake .

Political Pocket Rockets: Friday rant edition: Bob Aagard writes a hilarious piece about life in "Rupublicanland." Jason "The Side Track" uses that post as a starting point for his own anti-GOP rant. Finally, there's Cody Judy. Yesterday, he posted a lengthy blog that ties together Obama, Nixon, Ivan Drago v. Rocky Balboa, John McCain, and the "other Cody Judy" that was convicted of threatening an LDS leader with a bomb. It's an impressive feat.

Utah Beer: The Trib does a solid story about Valley Mental Health, which CW's own Stephen Dark has been covering. The Trib tackles the cab driver dispute in SLC, which CW's own Eric S. Peterson has covered.

Leisure Time Lager: Polar ice is melting, opening the Arctic to oil drilling, and to get said oil, Russia plans to build 12 floating nuclear plants.

Josh's Java: The Giants are leading the Padres by a 1/2 game. Giants face the hot Rockies, Padres face the Reds. It's going to be an exciting stretch run.

Weekly Weizen: Weekend Essentials. Ted Scheffler talks Snowbird's German & Mexican fare. To go with our cover story this week, Eric S. Peterson built a searchable database of disciplinary actions against doctors.

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