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The Mormon Times Random Teaser Generator



Recently, I've been enjoying a fun, little-noticed feature on the main page of the Deseret News website:--- The Mormon Times teaser, which links two random headlines with a conjunction, sometimes producing unexpected results.

I'm pretty sure this could be a new poetic form, but the teaser is several hours between updates, and I get impatient waiting. Not that I'm complaining -- the site administrators are busy enough as it is, and they can't be expected to change the MT teaser every few seconds just for my entertainment. That would be a full-time job and, following recent massive layoffs, the D-News staff must be stretched pretty thin as it is.

The 21st-century media climate may suck, but that doesn't stop us from envisioning a better world: Ideally, I'd be able to read a new teaser every time I clicked to reload the D-News home page. That's why I developed The Mormon Times Random Teaser Generator. It contains 80-or-so headlines ripped directly from MT, and with each click, it produces a new random pairing. (Along the way, I discovered that the MT contains some pretty good writing, and even a fairly healthy diversity of views.)

There are more than 6,000 combinations possible. Collect 'em! Trade 'em! Not all are gems, but if you keep clicking long enough, something good is bound to come up.

The Mormon Times Random Teaser Generator
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