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TV Tonight: Parenthood, Scream Awards, Mad Mel, Ghost Lab


The good news: NBC has picked up Chuck for a full 22-episode season. The WTF? news: NBC has also ordered more of The Event, Law & Order: LA, Chase and Outsourced. ---

What’s new tonight:
Parenthood (NBC) Halloween Episode: Coach, er, Zeek thinks the grandkids aren’t as excited about Halloween as they should be—which is exactly what you’d expect from a pagan Berkley liberal. Meanwhile, Sarah confronts her greasy boss (greasy William Baldwin) about that greasy kiss.

The 2010 Scream Awards (Spike) Sci-fi and horror awards, plus a Back to the Future reunion! Also, appearances from the cast of Lost, the cast of the upcoming The Walking Dead, hot babes a'plenty (it’s Spike, after all), Marilyn Manson (yeah, got me), the award for “Most Memorable Mutilation” (finally!) and a performance by that wacky M.I.A.

Mad Mel: The Rise & Fall of a Hollywood Icon (Biography) Presumably, Mel Gibson—but don’t rule out Mel Brooks or Scary Spice, Mel B.

Ghost Lab (Discovery) Season Premiere: I’ve replaced “consultant” with “ghost hunter” at the top of my list of Lucrative Bullshit Careers to pursue when this “journalism” thing evaporates in the next few years/months/minutes. There are currently 268 spook-chaser reality series on TV right now (about half of them are on A&E); Ghost Lab, following a pair of San Antonio brothers who swindle, er, help folks with their paranormal problems using high-tech gear, just began its second season. Putting aside my vast scientific knowledge—aliens are real; ghosts are not—in the name of turning a fast buck, look for my new venture, Ghost Gitters%uFFFD, in your local strip mall and on A&E soon.

Also new tonight:
No Ordinary Family, Dancing With the Stars, Detroit 187 (ABC); NCIS, NCIS: Los Angeles, The Good Wife (CBS); The Biggest Loser (NBC); Running Wilde (Fox); Flipping Out (Bravo); Stargate Universe, Caprica (SyFy); The Bad Girls Club (Oxygen); Sons of Anarchy (FX)

Preview: The Dharma Initiative explains the 2010 Scream Awards:

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