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Crockiness: The Repudiation of Barry O


It's a crock, and don't you believe it. All this "repudiation" of liberalism and talk about Obama's failed presidency.---

Sorry, but a bunch of bullies got various and sundry oddballs elected into office. Bully for them and yay, America. Our system works -- not always in a way that makes me happy. Utah even has its own lovely bunch of coconuts who promise to cut the reach of the federal government.

But that's just the Kool-Aid talking. Big Business needs government to be intrusive (think how many private contractors make big bank off of Homeland Security. As long as they keep us afraid, they can keep cashing the paychecks.). Big Business is the beneficiary of government spending and will ensure it continues. Oh and Big Business hates government-controlled health care. Citizens should never be entitled to that kind of peace of mind.

Take a look in our downtrodden downtown post office on 200 South. Have you been there lately? Old computers; dusty, grimy workstations; one or two worn-out looking souls serving long lines. The Sovietization of our postal service is pretty much complete.

If November 2's Big Winners are magically able to deliver on their promises to rein in federal spending, prepare yourself for even deeper erosion of services we look to the feds to provide: mail delivery, safe highways and bridges, social security and regulation of ... yep ... Big Business. Because you can be sure that these guys aren't going to accept any less.