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TV Tonight: Dancing With the Stars, Parenthood, Bad Girls Club


The second episode of Sarah Palin’s Alaska lost 40 percent of its debut audience Sunday, which I thought meant that there’s hope for America. But! CBS’ Mike & Molly hit a series high last night. America still sucks.---

What’s new tonight:
Dancing With the Stars (ABC) Season Finale: Our—OK, my—national nightmare is over. Jennifer Grey, Kyle Massey and Bristol Palin face off one last time to determine who is the least-awful kinda-celebrity dancer on TV. Will the Palin Conspiracy carry ol’ Trigger, er, Bristol over the top? Or will residual Patrick Swayze sympathy clinch it for Grey? Or will … who the fuck is Kyle Massey again? Never mind.

Parenthood (NBC) The Thanksgiving Episode: Will there be drama at the dinner table for the Bravermans? Have you never seen this show before? Adam (Peter Krause) must choose between family and work when he receives some news from greasy Gordon (William Baldwin)—which way will he go? Again, have you never seen this show before?

The Bad Girls Club Reunion Pt. 2 (Oxygen) The reunion so explosive that it had to be expanded to two hours! Last week, the one “fake bitch” put the smackdown on the other “fake bitch” for calling her a “fake bitch,” then the other “fake bitches” joined in and “fake bitches” were flying everywhere! Then Lea had to have a smoke. Can’t wait for Part 2!

Also new tonight:
No Ordinary Family (ABC); NCIS, NCIS Los Angeles, The Good Wife (CBS); The Biggest Loser (NBC); Glee, Raising Hope (Fox); Stargate Universe (SyFy); Nick Swardson’s Pretend Time (Comedy Central); Sons of Anarchy (FX); In Treatment (HBO); Conan (TBS)

Preview: The Bad Girls Club Reunion gets … well, it’s pretty self-explanatory.