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TV Tonight: Cougar Town, Kung Fu Panda, Conan, Terriers


Jennifer Grey beat out Bristol Palin on Dancing With the Stars last night and, as mentioned yesterday, Sarah Palin’s Alaska is bleeding millions of viewers. Could TV be Palin-free by 2011? Give thanks! ---

What’s new tonight:
Cougar Town (ABC) Thanksgiving Episode: Jules (Courteney Cox) finally tells Grayson (Josh Hopkins) that she loves him, but he refuses to reciprocate, so she throws a “romantic” Thanksgiving party (?) to force it out of him—with plenty of white wine, so that should go well. Cougar Town is every bit the sharp ensemble comedy that lead-in Modern Family (also having a T-giving ep tonight, of course) is, just on a far goofier/hornier level. Give it a shot—there’s not much else on tonight but …

The Kung Fu Panda Holiday Special (NBC) Yes, Jack Black, Angelina Jolie, Lucy Liu, David Cross, Seth Rogan and Dustin Hoffman are all involved; NBC didn’t cheap out with sound-alikes—and it’s only 30 minutes long. Says here, “Every year, Po (Black) and his father hang decorations, cook together and serve noodle soup to the villagers. But this year Shifu (Hoffman) informs Po that as Dragon Warrior, it is his duty to host the formal Winter Feast at the Jade Palace. Po is caught between his obligations as the Dragon Warrior and his family traditions." Oh no!

Conan (TBS) Tonight, ConeBone welcomes Eva Mendes (she’s hot!), Bob Saget (he’s nuts!) and musical guests Neon Trees (they’re from Utah!). Sure, our Neon Trees have appeared on other late-night talk shows—but none were as (relatively) high-profile as Conan is right now. Someone please alert Gavin’s Underground.

Terriers (FX) Last episode before the season finale: The big Ocean Beach conspiracy is back in the picture—which means that Hank (Donal Logue), Britt (Michael-Raymond James) and that blogger/journalist woman who doesn’t believe in “dead-tree media” are in deep-shit danger once again. You’re going to be saying “Why didn’t anybody tell me about this Terriers show?” next year, mark my words … well, if it’s not canceled.

Also new tonight:
The Middle, Better With You, Modern Family (ABC); Survivor: Nicaragua (CBS); Human Target, Hell’s Kitchen (Fox); The Biggest Loser (NBC); Mythbusters (Discovery); Man vs. Food (Travel)

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