Merry Xmas: It's the New Jersey Shore Trailer! | Buzz Blog
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Merry Xmas: It's the New Jersey Shore Trailer!



What's the difference between the recent Season 2 and the upcoming third installment of MTV's (now) network-defining Jersey Shore? Character development? Lessons learned? Condoms? Nope, but it's back in Jersey, with a new skank in da house! ---

Angelina's out, so Snooki's pal Deena has been brought in to, uh, shore up the cast. Other than that, looks like business as usual: Drinking, fights, nudity, hook-ups, more drinking, more fights and ... Ronnie on a stripper pole? Guess they didn't have the courtroom footage yet.

Season 3 of Jersey Shore premieres Thursday, Jan. 6 on MTV--here's what to look forward to, America:

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