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Sundance 2011: Final Sunday Screenings Alert



Our contributor Jeremy Mathews offers the following warning: Ticket holders for Sundance's closing Sunday screenings in Park City might need to plan for some extra time. ---

Mathews submitted the following alert: "If you have a ticket to a hot film playing in one of the Holiday Village theaters this weekend, be sure to get there early. While the last weekend of Sundance is generally slow as industry bigwigs leave town, new people arrive with Awards Weekend Express Passes that get them into anything during the last few days of the festival.

"The problem is that sometimes, all the pass holders go to the same film. That might not make much of a dent at the 1,200-seat Eccles, but at the sub-200-seat Holiday Village theaters, it brought on anger. In 2010, ticket holders to films like Catfish and Waiting for 'Superman' said they were turned away with vouchers, even though they arrived more than half an hour early, well ahead of the 15 minutes required to be guaranteed a seat. The process made ticket-holders feel like waitlisters, standing in a line full of anxious people hoping they get in.

"This kind of thing will only happen during must-see movies that everyone is talking about; Submarine on Sunday sticks out as a  
potential problem. Otherwise, there's no need to worry as long as you get there 15 minutes before show time."