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Republicans bring back Styrofoam



Seemingly eager to be on the wrong side of any issue, no matter how inconsequential or petty, House Republicans have fired their most recent (and weakest) salvo --- aimed at, you know, that well-known socialist Nancy Pelosi. They are overturning Pelosi's "Green the Capitol" program, designed to cut down on waste at the U.S. Capitol and to implement the use of biodegradable cafeteria trays and utensils in the Capitol's basement cafeteria. 

Well, the same crowd who introduced us to "freedom fries" reintroduced Stryofoam cups to coffee drinkers on Capitol Hill on Monday. According to a tweet by Pelosi, the House's anti-greening actions will result in sending 535 more tons of waste to landfills. 

Well, done, Republicans! We're so proud.