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Now-a-Dollar March 11



Here's a bargain for you: Two Oscar-winning performances for the cost of one second-run movie ticket. ---

The Fighter--based on the true story of boxer "Irish" Micky Ward (Mark Wahlberg)--won two Awards at last month's Academy Awards: Best Supporting Actor Christian Bale as Mickey's crack-addicted ex-boxer brother and trainer, Dickie; and Melissa Leo as their mother and hard-driving manager, Alice. The film itself is a crackling, unconventional drama full of the earthy notes of Micky's Lowell, Massachusetts stomping grounds. Things get a bit more sports-movie predictable once it's all about the buildup to the Big Fight, but along the way, the terrific performances carry the day.

And then there's Yogi Bear. Words somewhat fail in describing this animation/live action mix about the cartoon bear's further adventures in Jellystone Park. It's not smarter than the average anything.

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