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More Buttars-based Beverages



Earlier, I blogged about the drink specials at Friday's "Buttars Retirement Party" at the Trapp. What I didn't realize is that revelers aren't waiting till the weekend to get started.---

In fact, the "Senator Buttars Official Retirement Party" is happening right at this moment, as I post this entry Tuesday evening. It's at Club Jam, 751 N. 300 West.

Drink specials include "'Dark Baby' Buttars Shots" and "Pig Sex on the Beach." Ah, wish I could be there!

Still, all us taxpayers will have cause to remember Sen. Buttars every year, as we continue to pay for his Cadillac health insurance for the rest of his natural life. Those of us who can't afford to cover even our own families' basic health-care needs will be gratified to know that, through our largesse, at least Chris Buttars is comfortably taken care of.

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