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Missed Masterpieces: Kiss Alive


My first concert was Kiss, the Destroyer tour in 1976. I was 15 years old, and in the 11th row on the floor. Someone from up on high threw a fifth of Jack Daniels that hit a guy fairly close to me, knocking him unconscious, and I thought, "This is where I belong!"---

Nearby, a real dorky looking kid who was the little brother of the center on my football team was sitting with a real hot girl, hitting a joint, reefer, blunt, whatever you want to call it, one after another.

This show inspired my very lucrative career as a ticket scalper, which wasn’t illegal then, and still isn’t as far as I know. I made enough money that I didn’t need to get a job, but being a greedy bastard, I did anyway. I was making as much money as most adults in my neighborhood; it was steak-and-eggs at midnight, and Panama Red, Maui Wowy, or Colombian Gold at noon.

I guess it’s time for me to say it, loud and proud: WOULD THE POLITICIANS PLEASE PULL THEIR COLLECTIVE HEADS OUT OF THEIR COLLECTIVE ASSES AND LEGALIZE THIS BENIGN DRUG. Compared to alcohol, it’s nothing. With booze, you get angry and want to fight. With marijuana, you love everyone and want to laugh (and eat). It would stimulate the economy and force about half the cops out of business. I don’t like that part of it, being a retired cop, but you get what I’m saying.

I don’t remember the original album having the great songs “Cold Gin” and “Black Diamond,” which The Replacements play a helluva lot better, but they’re on the Alive album.

And everyone knows they went into the studio and overdubbed most of the songs, because Kiss ain’t exactly made up of world-class musicians.

But when I was in high school, almost every male loved KISS. Even if they would never admit it.