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Missed Masterpieces: Oasis


“Hey Earl, how come that Miss Masterpeace guy … what the hell’s his name, Lynn, Wayne, Blaine … something like that, is writing about some foreign music band that made a bazillion dollars selling them Rock 'n' Roll records?”---

“I don’t know, Walt, I think he’s an old bastard. And I heard he drinks, smokes and doesn’t come home at all."

“Yeah, and I heard a rumor that sometimes he writes his blog absolutely shit-faced and with a big wad of tabackey in his lip, can you believe that?”

Hey, all you old bastards, this Bud’s for you. If you love Rock 'n' Roll, you NEED to own three Oasis albums: Definitely Maybe, (What’s the Story) Morning Glory? and The Master Plan.

Hell, I know a bunch of guys my age that still only listen to only Grand Funk Railroad and similar shit that wasn’t even good when it came out. And kids, there was a time when most bands had to have an organist—no shit—until a few dinosaurs stepped on them, breaking them to bits, to save us all. I’m serious as a heart attack. Aren’t organs for church and similar sillines?

That brings up another subject. Why does a country with about 50 million people put out as much good of music as a country with 300-plus million people? Yes, boys and girls, I’m talking about England verses our own United States of America, still the world’s biggest Super Power.

Of Oasis’ three Masterpieces, I have a hard time picking the best album. I guess I have to go with (and I hate this) the most popular album, Morning Glory, with the mega-hits “Wonderwall” and “Champagne Supernova.” Where were you when we were getting high, indeed?

I write Missing Masterpieces for everyone from about nine years old to those about to take the “dirt nap.” Nobody gets out this miserable life alive. I don’t only care about obscure albums; I’m also interested in introducing great music to generations before and after these great albums came out.

These three albums are GREAT Rock 'n' Roll, from start to finish.

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