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Albino Raindrops: Spot that SLC Scenester!



Ever wondered what happened to some of SLC's prominent musicians of yesteryear? They moved to Portland, of course. At least some of them did. But they didn't forget their hometown when creating this video for "the Psychedelic Furs hit that never was: 'Albino Raindrops.'"---

I got an email this week from former SLC musician Patrick Munson with a link to this superbly absurd '80s movie send-up that he made along with director/comedian Sue Ball, another former Utahn. They were inspired by a line in the popular Dooce blog in which Heather Armstrong posted some journal entries from her freshman year at BYU. Among them was the line, "Is it snow, or just albino raindrops? Can’t tell.”

Duly inspired, Munson and Ball got to work, he writing the song and she plotting a video that would capture the vibe of a classic '80s teen flick. I think you'll agree, after watching, that they nailed it. Among the faces you'll see are members of old Salt Lake City bands like Boxcar Kids, Swee Rhino, Subject to Change, Disco Drippers and Skin 'n' Bones.

Earlier this week, "Albino Raindrops" won the Audience Award and Critics' Award at the Salt Lake Film Society's Open Screen Night. Kudos to Sue and Patrick!

Now, enjoy some "Albino Raindrops:"

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