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Armageddon Slated For Next Week


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The end is nigh again.---

According to FM-radio doomsayer Harold Camping, Judgment Day is slated for May 21, Saturday next week. "THE BIBLE GUARANTEES IT!"

So mark your calendars.

Basically, your day will consist of an earthquake, which will exhume all the corpses ever buried. Some of these will be transmuted into "glorified spiritual bodies," but most will remain "upon the ground to be shamed." The lucky survivors will exist in chaos during the following five months until Oct. 21, by which time everybody will have died horribly and the Earth will be destroyed.


Now, back in the 20th century, Armageddon came around only every several years or so. These days it seems every time you turn around the world comes to an end. So it's kind of difficult to get all worked up about.

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