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Reading Material: Isaac Higham on GOP Hypocrisy



Guest blogger Isaac Higham makes some good points about Republican "limited government" doublespeak in his essay published on Eric Ethington's "Pride in Utah" blog.---

"The [Salt Lake] County [Republican] Party believes 'Government should not influence or compete in private markets. We are in servitude to the state when the state usurps the power to determine the value of our labor or our property' while at the same time supporting government control over the alcohol and liquor market in the state. This is not only not limited government, it is rank hypocrisy."

Most of these are things that we've all known and grumbled about for a long time. But Higham has put them together into a nice, compact laundry list of infuriating GOP hypocrisy. It's well worth reading -- it's healthy to get the blood boiling from time to time.

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