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Occupy the Courts Friday



Friday is the anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court decision on Citzens United vs. Federal Election Commission that decided corporations are people, too, and gave way to the rise of Super PACs that raise unlimited amounts of money for politicians with less transparency. If corporations ain’t your friends, consider joining the protest Friday.---

The 2010 case set the precedent that government could not limit political spending by corporations and unions, so long as the groups are independent. Now, however, Super PACs have arisen that are able to remain a few steps removed from political candidates while at the same time raising unlimited amounts of special-interest money to fund their campaigns.

One disturbing trend that resulted from the decision was how a dummy corporation donated $1 million to Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign and then four months later dissolved, thereby not having to file a disclosure report on who the company officers were with the Federal Election Commission, the Huffington Post reported.

Activists will be protesting at the federal courthouse tomorrow against the controversial decision and holding a teach-in about the history of corporate rule and the Citizens United decision, Friday, Jan. 20, starting at 9 a.m. at the Frank E. Moss U.S. Courthouse, 350 S. Main, Salt Lake City. Teach-in begins at 11:30 a.m.