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CWMA on the Rocks: Last Call


Just like last week, if you’re wondering what the best drink pairings are for each of the 12 bands during the second weekend of the City Weekly Music Awards, we’ve got you covered.---

These little concoctions come from Drinkify, a Website that generates the perfect (or, sometimes, awkwardly unperfect) drink for most musical artists who a music lover might query. The Website was designed by Hannah Donovan, Lindsay Eyin and Matthew Ogle in 24 hours as part of Music Hack Day Boston 2011. To come up with such libations, it relies on for terms/genres of each artist and audio summaries of that artist’s top tracks, and on for artwork, spellings, etc.

Enough of the how it works and on to the drinks! Here’s a rundown of what to drink at each showcase during each band/artist.

Friday, Feb. 10
The Woodshed: Grey Fiction, David Williams, The Poorwills

The brothers band get by on a dime, so, while Drinkify doesn’t have them in its database, maybe a pint of Christian Brothers brandy would be the best bet.

“The David Williams” is not a drink recommended to listen to with Salt Lake City’s own singer-songwriter, but I think the drink still fits: one bottle of Cabernet, served room temperature, garnished with a glowstick.

The Poorwill’s debut CD is titled Drinks on the Wing because the bird drinks while in flight. But, when I interviewed the band for a feature, bassist Jake Fish says that applies to them as well -- the boys drink tallboys as they walk from here to there. So, a PBR in a paper sack it is!

Bar Deluxe: YYBS, The Suicycles, Night Sweats

Again, YYBS isn’t in the database, but the Young Yet Brilliant Sleuths, if they were as smart as their name suggests, would probably want you to sip a Hendrick’s gin and tonic, garnished with a cucumber and paired nicely with some street meat from the nearby taco stands.

“The Suicycles” is one oz. gin, served neat. Hmmm, sounds about right!

Saturday, Feb. 10
The Complex: The 321s, Palace of Buddies, Max Pain & the Groovies

I’d have to suggest a drink that requires a countdown for The 321s: well tequila, no lime, no salt.

“The Palace of Buddies” gets one Blue Paddle, which is a brew by New Belgium. And, actually, from the swimming-pool press photos the band sent us when we wrote them up to the summery second album Summertimes they wrote last year, it is a fairly good match.

Although they are also not in Drinkify, let’s just say that you’d probably have to puff-puff-pass the “Max Pain & the Groovies,” rather than sip and reflect.

The Urban Lounge: No-Nation Orchestra, The Chickens, Laserfang

Damned Drinkify, you’re not working for us this week. None of these new indie bands are popping up in the drink matchmaker’s Website, but, hell, with such a robust, bombastic lineup, it’s hard not to suggest a top-shelf Long Island Tea. That should get your hips nice and loose for the dance party.

We hope this helps with at least one dilemma during your CWMA weekend. Now, for the toughest part: Who to vote for?