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TV Tonight: Community, Eagleheart


What’s new on the ‘tronic teat tonight:

Community (NBC) Last Thursday’s death of Greendale student/visual punchline Starburns finally hits home in tonight’s episode because, well, Community is only on once a week. ---Sorta-psychologist Britta tries to counsel the gang, but Jeff (surprise) is being snarky and aloof. Then Chang attempts a takeover of the school’s security force when the memorial service turns into a riot. But really, the takeaway is this: Starburns’ real name was Alex, damn it!

Eagleheart (Adult Swim) Marshal Chris embarks on a personal journey to discover the Blues—after he punches, kicks, shoots, stabs and saws some justice into the faces of no-good drug-dealing punks, of course. Then, the Blues.

Also new tonight:
Missing, Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal (ABC); The Big Bang Theory, Rules of Engagement, Person of Interest, The Mentalist (CBS); 30 Rock, The Office, Parks & Recreation, Awake (NBC); American Idol, Touch (Fox); The Vampire Diaries, The Secret Circle (The CW); The First 48 (A&E); Don’t Be Tardy for the Wedding, Kathy (Bravo); Punk’d, The Pauly D Project (MTV)

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