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Utah Comedians on Twitter



In the current City Weekly, we looked at the state of stand-up comedy in Utah. If you want to learn more about these funny folk, try following them on Twitter. ---

Plenty of Utah's thriving and aspiring stand-up comics show off their gift for quips, self-deprecation and other hilarity on their Twitter feeds. Sample a few of them -- this is by no means a complete, comprehensive list -- then be sure to visit local venues like Wiseguys, The Complex, Mo's Neighborhood Grill and more to support them in person. Warning: Content of comedians' tweets may at times be appropriate only for mature (or perhaps immature) audiences.

Greg Orme: @gregormesthing

Michael Eccleston: @mukastweet

Levi Rounds: @LeviRounds

Christopher Stephenson: @TopherComplains

Toy Soup: @ToySoupComedy

Melissa Merlot: @MelissaMerlot

Christian Pieper: @CMPieper

Jared Shipley: @JaredShipley

Jason Harvey: @Jason_Harvey

Keith Stubbs: @TheKeithStubbs

Blake Bard: @BlakeBard

Cody Eden: @CodyEden


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