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12 for '12: Folk Hogan


How long does it take for whiskey to boil in hell? Only Folk Hogan knows. You can ask them about it at their CD release party tonight.---

OK, maybe they don’t know that, but they sure as hell love the chest-pounding power of the brown drink, the spookiness of the macabre and are wont to sing "We are gods/ We are a band of Mighty Souls." So there's that. Their high-energy folk punk is a raucous thing to behold, as any fan that’s seen them busking on the streets or playing into the wee hours at a bar can attest.

The seven-piece draw upon accordian, mandolin, banjo and guitar, but the sound is driven by pounding, simple drums to give it an uptempo dance-ability. And they sure work hard, constantly gigging up and down the valley.


Folk Hogan live at The Woodshed

The band is releasing their full-length debut tonight at The Woodshed, in an event deemed “Battle of the Livers XXI” with Tupelo Moan.

Aside from their livers of steel, their constant gigging and new album have garnered them a spot on this list of 12 for '12, a compendium of "emerging" bands to watch out for this year. To know what I mean when I say emerging, go here.

Band of Might Souls offers up 12 tracks that pays homage to punk, gypsy-rock and the fervency of newgrass in a Royal Rumble of notes, melody and rhythm. Take a listen for yourself.

”Skeleton Scramble”

”Band of Mighty Souls”

Go to FolkHogan.com to purchase the album or to The Woodshed tonight for the CD release party. And look out for a “circus-themed” album from the band within the next year.

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