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Photo Scrapbook: Desert Rocks Festival 2012


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Desert Rocks might be one of the best experiences that I probably won't ever do again.---

This photo essay serves as a window into the weekend if you weren't able to make the trip. It's a look at a few of my and photographer Dom Darling's favorite things. Another option is to read a more comprehensive assessment about how the eighth annual festival went and about the new conscious content this year. Or, read CW's Kolbie Stonehocker's “A First-Timers Take on Desert Rocks."

Entrance to Desert Rocks 2012


Thank god, we finally made it ... and, come Sunday, after a few days in the severe windstorms, we wouldn't still be saying that.

Welcome to the Jenk Star Ranch


Like many of the installations onsite, this archway to the Cosmic Stage & Village is inspiring, gorgeous and weird.

Scotty Soltronic's Illuminarium


Just look at all of this amazing junk.

Brother Ali performing Friday night


Interesting fact: During his performance, Brother Ali said he loved Utah although he has permanent vocal damage after playing a show at Kilby Court when the sound went out.

Beats Antique performing a late-night set on Friday.


Zoe Jakes will eat your face. Apparently, there was a situation later in the weekend where a man was allegedly attacked and bitten on the eyebrow -- his attacker was said to be, I shit you not, on bath salts.

Sunrise Saturday morn


You are doing something wrong if you don't stay up with the all-night music to see the sunrise.

The nearby Green River beach


Drum circles, hula-hoops and hippies everywhere. It was the only way to avoid the beginning of an all-day dust storm at the festival, which was nearly empty by noon.

A guy trying to reach enlightenment


This might be the best way to cure a hangover ... or maybe he's just vibin' on the consciousness vibes, man.

Atomga playing Saturday afternoon


These brave Afrobeat players from Denver performed for a handful of folks because of the weather. However, they killed it. Good luck cleaning out your gear.

The Evolver Film Dome


A place to be educated ... or nap.

Chali 2na performing Saturday evening


Throw yo' hands up!

Our camp getting pummeled Saturday night


This is our photographer's safe, comfortable view from the car as we try to salvage our camp from being destroyed. We then drank lots of tequila in other cars.

Chakra Cleansing and Balancing with Jonathan Talat Phillips at the Sustainable Living Roadshow Workshop Stage


Things cleared up on Sunday, so we thought we'd catch a workshop, but these guys were already deep into chakra cleansing, or what looked like an assisted nap.

All photos by Dom Darling, except for the first crowd shot and Chali 2na, taken by Kolbie Stonehocker.

Twitter: @AustenDiamond