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Now-a-Dollar Aug 3



Agents J and K are back -- and going back in time -- in the big-ticket movie coming to local discount theaters this weekend. ---

Men in Black III reunites director Barry Sonnenfeld, Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones (the latter albeit briefly) in a story about an angry alien assassin headed into the past to kill the younger version of Agent K (a great Tommy Lee Jones impression by Josh Brolin). The tale has some fun with the retro setting and the set pieces are suitably goofy, but it doesn't really hit the character notes it seems to be straining awfully hard to hit.

Hitting some effective character notes of its own is People Like Us, a drama about a slick salesman (Chris Pine) who learns upon the death of his estranged father that he has a half-sister (Elizabeth Banks) and nephew that he never knew about. What follows is a unique sort of "love story" -- one about a growing connection between siblings, effectively played by both performers.